Safety on Road

Safety on roads

  • Failing to get enough rest, not eating properly, and not getting enough exercise can all affect a person physical and mental setup.
  • Even if you don't own the truck you are driving, it is your responsibility to make sure it is in good enough condition to be on the road.
  • Big trucks can't stop as quickly as other vehicles so you need to be prepared for road construction, accidents, and congestion on the roads.
  • Leave enough room between you and the vehicles ahead of you to anticipate anything that could possibly occur.
  • It is a good idea to always have a fire extinguisher in the cab of the vehicle as well.
  • Please switch on the parking lights at the time of halt on the highway.
  • In case of Breakdown please use sign board instead of stones, and please remove all the other barricades like stones after the operation is completed.